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When did women get the right to inherit property and open bank accounts? How long did it take until women won the legal right to be served in UK pubs?
Our timeline traces women’s financial rights from ancient societies to the present day
Leading supporters of the Equal Rights Amendment march in Washington, 1979. Photo: Dennis Cook/AP

It might be nice if people understand that one group getting rights does not take away rights from any other group. There’s not a fixed amount of rights that everyone is getting a slice of. We all have pretty much the same rights, but we just have to have them recognized.

A haiku from the article: Social Media Arguments: Can’t-Win Propositions

The wisdom of the age.


Tonight on GOING DEEP, David Rees sings some songs about airplanes. This video is a preview. I encourage you to watch it and then watch the show tonight at 10PM on @NatGeoChannel. 

Now here are some observations about the video:

1) It made me smile my dumb head in half. 

2) The tumble wing then made the separated halves of my head explode in one-two successive booms. 

3) I am writing this without a head.

4) “I am an orphan, this is my private jet” should be its own show.

5) Click through to the actual YouTube page to read some of the most hilariously grouchy comments from people who hate songs. 

6) SERIOUSLY EVERYONE, I AM ASKING YOU PERSONALLY: please vote with your eyes and watch this show tonight or pretend to watch it while talking about it on social media so David can make another season.

DO YOUR PART to convince future AI robots that we didn’t just make mistakes all the time. 

Thank you. 

That is all. 

PS: You can catch up with previous episodes HERE

Watch this show already!


Wichita, KSby Anonymous
Judgmental Maps Copr. 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Ha! And also spot on.

For Hunter S. Thompson's birthday, the always-wonderful Paper and Salt cooks up his birthday breakfast:

4 slices bacon4 corn tortillas1 (14- to 15-ounce) can whole tomatoes in juice1/4 cup chopped white onion1/8 cup chopped fresh cilantro plus additional for sprinkling1 tablespoon chopped canned chipotle chiles in adobo1 garlic clove, coarsely chopped1/2 teaspoon salt4 large eggssliced avocado, for garnishcotija cheese, for garnish

See the full recipe, with background, here. Then complement with the brilliant Fictitious Dishes and some treats from The Artists’ & Writers’ Cookbook.

I think they forgot the gin and grapefruit juice, but otherwise, well done!

Stranger outside Big Star who told me you hoped I would die on my bike - w4m (Wicker Park)


You: Older gentleman in business casual, liquor on breath, sense of self worth fueled by demeaning other people

Me: Diminutive girl with light purple bike, grey helmet, still hopeful, heart hurting

Remember me?

I shouted at you and your friends to get out of the bike lane and was met by a…

Every day I expect someone to buy it because they stand in the bike lane like they own it. And they won’t think it’s their fault. If I see it, I will stick around to make sure to tell EMT or the cops that they were standing there like a moron.

(Source: chicago.craigslist.org)

Kayaking is on the to-do list.

"Everything is the way it is because it got that way."

Biologist and extremely-British-name-having D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson (1860-1948), succinctly summing up evolution in one sentence. (via jtotheizzoe)

I can’t even.